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Believe in the silver lining. I dare you.
I didn’t shoot a guy once. I was doing a stint as a start-up editor for an outdoor magazine in Michigan, when my phone rang one morning. The guy on the other end said he had invented some kind of new, bullet-proof cloth. The magazine had become very popular, he said, and he wanted the editor – me – to come to his shop and shoot him in his new armour for the PR value. He further said I could use any weapon I chose in any caliber –...more  [ | 0 Comments ]

Hope and change
We are only hours away from blissful silence, such as we have not seen since 2010. The Americans are nearly done electing a president. However, at the moment, Romney and Obama are running neck-and-neck, or so say the polls. We’re not done, yet. It’s a horse race. Think about that. What can it mean? I’m not lobbying for one or the other, here, I am wondering how it can be. On the one hand, it could mean Romney and Obama .........more

Think Local [ Editorial, October 16, 2012 ]
I was explaining some of the realities of “social media” to a fellow attendee at a recent meeting, when he stopped me dead in my tracks. “I agree,” he said, “but you will never convince the younger members of that.” He had me. I had no way to disprove it, I doubted it was true, but I was had. Somewhere back along the road, youth worship replaced reason and nobody looked back....more

Pimp your own ride [ Editorial, September 11, 2012 ]
According to Scott Nelson, president of the Wood Career Alliance of North America, in the next years we will see more entrepreneurs coming out of the trades than out of four-year institutions. I wish I’d said that. Let’s test it. There has never been a day of my adult life that I was not a proponent of education. Education is the foundation of freedom. It is mandatory. However, one is not an adult long until you discover that education can take many forms, and not everything labeled as education meets the standard....more

Let quality 
speak for itself
We’re still not sure. The company doesn’t have a website, so its location can’t be found there. A Google search turns up a couple of yellow pages-style directory listings, but the address is rejected by GPS. Google Maps seems more than happy to provide directions, only they land you in the middle of some obscure farmland a few hundred feet from the Orangeville water tower. No King Furniture in sight....more

Everything comes back to marketing [Editorial, Aug 15, 2012]
Up until 2008, the Canadian secondary wood-products sector pretty much had it made (although we didn’t know it). With a 40 percent advantage on the U.S. currency exchange, we could sell everything we made to the States and laugh all the way to the bank. Price was king. However, 2008 was four years ago. Those were long years, too. The U.S. led off a global recession with its “free-mortgage” housing bubble, and, as always, when the U.S. got a cold, the rest of the world caught the flu....more

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Controlling the agitators

Graco’s Agitator Speed Controller is designed for use with the company’s pneumatic agitators as well as those of it competition....more

Nano-coated blades

According to Dimar, the release of its improved Nova industrial saw blades, featuring their new D-Coat electrostatic coating, will...more

Lots of grains

Teragren’s Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage Gold-certified traditional bamboo panels and veneer are ideal for...more

Dust collection and more

The Delta Model 50-905 Portable Cyclone Dust Collector, which comes with a handy floor sweep attachment (pictured)...more

Formaldehyde-free panels

PureBond from Columbia Forest Products is a formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood technology that is non-toxic, contains soy-free adhesive, and is North American made. The company also says that this product is cost-competitive....more

Through a prism

The new ArciTech drawer system from Hettich has been developed to give kitchen and drawer manufacturers the capability...more

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